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School Law

Reitz, Paul & Shorr has represented Ohio public school districts for over thirty five years. Our attorneys provide legal advice and services to public school districts in a wide range of areas, including:

Construction RPS attorneys can review contracts with architects and other construction professionals prior to execution and assist your school district in managing issues that arise during construction. Reitz, Paul & Shorr litigates construction claims in court when necessary.


Discrimination Reitz, Paul & Shorr defends public school districts against charges of discrimination. We can assist your district during the investigation phase conducted by the Ohio civil rights commission and represent you in court if necessary.


Eminent Domain Public school districts in Ohio have the right to obtain real property by eminent domain if necessary. We can assist your district to negotiate an agreed purchase or assist the district in laying the foundation for the appropriation of real estate. RPS can pursue the district’s eminent domain case in court.

Employee Discipline Our attorneys regularly assist our public school district clients with all phases of the employee disciplinary process. We attend and assist with the due process hearing required by the U.S. Supreme Court case of Loudermill v. Cleveland Board of education.


Enrollment and Tuition RPS can assist your district compliance with Ohio law governing student enrollment and the payment of tuition. Our attorneys regularly consult with district client’s registrars, building administration and EMIS coordinators, including interpretation and implementation of the special rules .

Family and Medical Leave Act Our attorneys can assist your district to determine an employee’s eligibility for family and medical leave in compliance with the Family and Medical Leave Act.

First Amendment Claims District employees and students are guaranteed freedom of speech and other rights contained in the first amendment to the United States’ Constitution. Reitz, Paul & Shorr defends public school district's First Amendment rights.


Labor Negotiations and Disputes / Collective Bargaining Reitz, Paul & Shorr's attorneys regularly represent Ohio public school districts during the collective bargaining process. Our attorneys defend school districts against claims of unfair labor practices before the State Employee Relations Board. If necessary, we represent school districts in court in defense of such claims.


Records and Privacy: Public Records, Medical Records, and Student Records Our attorneys consult with school district personnel about requests for records to ensure that our clients comply with Ohio and Federal laws governing public records and privacy, including the laws restricting the release of medical information and student records., to ensure compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (“HIPAA”).

Real Estate RPS consults with Ohio school districts on real estate matters.

Rehabilitation Act Compliance (“§ 504”) Reitz, Paul & Shorr attorneys advise school district personnel on compliance with the Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.


Special Education Our Attorneys consult with school district personnel on a regular basis about compliance with the Individuals With Disabilities in Education Improvement Act of 2004 (“IDEA” or “IDEIA”) and Ohio’s special education law and regulations. A Reitz, Paul & Shorr attorney can attend IEP team meetings with district personnel. Our attorneys work with district personnel when the discipline of special education students becomes necessary. We represent school districts in the administrative procedures applicable to special education matters. If necessary, our attorneys represent school district in court in special education disputes.


Student Discipline Reitz, Paul & Shorr attorneys consult with school district personnel on a regular basis about the suspension and expulsion of students. We work with district personnel to ensure students are provided with their rights to due process prior to and during the discipline process. Our attorneys appear at expulsion hearings and at appeals of suspensions and expulsions before the board of education. If necessary, we can represent school districts in court on student discipline matters.


Tax Abatements and Exemptions Our attorneys assist school districts when a district is requested to consent to tax abatements and exemptions. We can assist your district to obtain compensation for lost revenue from the companies to which tax exemptions are granted and from the government entities that grant exemptions.

Tax Valuations / Board of Revision Reitz, Paul & Shorr represents the interests of school districts when the valuation of property in the district is in dispute.


The following attorneys practice school law: 
Leigh Herington
Douglas Paul
Thomas Reitz
Alan Shorr

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