Our Culture


At Reitz, Paul & Shorr we promote faith, family, fitness, and service to our community.  We believe that the quality of life enjoyed by our attorneys and staff directly correlates to providing exceptional legal representation. 


Faith:   Like the values our country was founded on – In God we Trust. Our attorneys have a well rounded belief system and faith. We have attorneys and staff who are actively involved in their churches and the promotion of faith-based organizations. 


Family:   It is important that our team members are allowed the flexibility to spend as much quality time with their families as possible.  Due to the firm’s investment in technology, our attorneys are able to spend more quality time with their families while staying connected to our clients.


Fitness:  Physical Fitness and well-being is a way of life among our attorneys and staff.  Keeping the body in shape helps keep the mind sharp.    


Community: Volunteerism and service commitments make our communities great. We encourage our team's members to get involved in local outreach and mission based organizations.  There is nothing more rewarding than serving and working to change lives.


Our firm consists of experienced attorneys who value a balanced work-home life.  We are a local firm that is committed to providing excellent legal services to our clients.  We want to be a valuable resource for our clients, not an unwanted expense.  The success and protection of our clients is our main priority and we accomplish that goal with a healthy work environment for attorneys and staff.