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Reitz, Paul & Shorr Attorneys at Law School Bulletin

Ohio Supreme Court dismisses petition for writ of mandamus against public school district. The Ohio Supreme Court dismissed an original action in mandamus filed by a former employee of a subcontractor of a public school district represented by Reitz, Paul & Shorr. The employee of the subcontractor petitioned the Ohio Supreme Court to order the public school district to cooperate in enrolling the employee in the State Teachers Retirement System and to

make appropriate contributions on the employee’s behalf. Reitz, Paul & Shorr, representing the public school district, filed a motion to dismiss the petition in the Supreme Court, in part because the public school district and the State Teachers Retirement Board were already involved in litigation on this subject in a county court of common pleas. Reitz, Paul & Shorr also argued that the subcontractor’s employee’s petition for the writ of mandamus should be dismissed because she had an adequate remedy at law as she was not challenging the decision of STRB, which generally cannot be appealed. The Ohio Supreme Court agreed and dismissed the mandamus action.

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