Homeowners' & Condominium Association Law


The attorneys of Reitz, Paul & Shorr are actively engaged in the legal representation of homeowners’ associations and condominium associations. We currently act as general counsel for homeowners’ associations responsible for over 1,625 living units as well as numerous condominium associations. Our level of involvement ranges from attendance at board meetings to enforcement of association restrictions to the collections of dues to amendment of association governing documents.


Enforcement of Restrictions Reitz, Paul & Shorr's attorneys can represent the association in enforcement actions in court when a property owner has violated the association’s restrictions.

Representation of Property Owners For those associations that we do not represent, our attorneys can represent individual property owners in connection with disputes with their association.


The following attorneys practice homeowners’ and condominium association law: 
Douglas Paul dpaul@rpsohiolaw.com

Nick Brown nbrown@rpsohiolaw.com

Jennifer Kangas Berendt jberendt@rpsohiolaw.com