Appellate Law


Reitz, Paul & Shorr can represent you before the Court of Appeals if you want to appeal the decision of a trial court, or if you must defend an appeal brought by the opposing party. RPS also represents parties in appeals to the Supreme Court of Ohio.


RPS attorneys can represent you before the appellate court on a matter that we were involved with at trial.  Reitz, Paul & Shorr can represent you on appeal even if a lawyer from another law firm represented you at trial. Christley, Herington & Pierce represents clients in appeals of traffic, criminal and civil cases.

In traffic and criminal cases, our lawyers represent defendants who wish to appeal pretrial rulings of the trial court, such as the trial court’s refusal to suppress evidence. We also represent clients who wish to appeal their conviction or the sentence that the trial court imposed.Reitz, Paul & Shorr's lawyers represent clients in appeals from civil cases, either as the appellant or the appellee.


If you believe that the trial court in your case made an error and you would like to appeal the trial court’s decision, or if you want to appeal the decision of a court of appeals to the Ohio Supreme Court, you must contact an attorney immediately. There is a limited amount of time within which you must file your notice of appeal if you wish to appeal a court’s decision.


                                                    The following attorneys practice appellate law: 

                                                            Douglas Paul